Below is a brief slideshow from my first year of volunteering with the Architects in School (AiS) program which is headed up by the Architectural Foundation of Oregon (AFO). The Sturctural Engineers Association of Oregon (SEAO) sent out an email, suggesting that design professionals such as ourselves, volunteer our time to teach third through fifth grader students various archtiectural and structural principles. I now start my sixth year of volunteering with AiS and look forward to working with these young minds, hoping to inspire them to enter into the field of architecture or structural engineering.  The program is a six week residency each fall, in one-hour segments in the classrooms with the teacher and students. Near the end of the six weeks the students get to display their projects, which is located in the lobbies of various archtiectural firms in downtown Portland. It has been a very rewarding time and worth the investment to the students. Consider lending your time next year, you will not regret it.