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The Importance of Choosing a Leader in Structural Engineering

When an important project is in the discussion stage and includes the need for top structural engineers, this is a decision that should be a priority for the success of the project.
How Structural Engineering Firms Ensure Success
Structural engineering is a discipline that requires knowledge, skills, innovation, and creativity. However, within these requirements lies another major factor: safety.
Thus, it is the job of structural engineers of commercial, industrial, residential, seismological, municipal and state projects to ensure safety in design and implementation.
Generally, a staff of structural engineers possesses at least one staff member with a Professional Engineering (P.E.) certification. The P.E. is further assurance all structural project designs have been thoroughly scrutinized and approved by a certified P.E.
How Structural Engineering Firms Develop Planning and Design for Projects
The basic nature of structural engineering is far more complex than most realize. In terms of structural design, there are several factors to consider that include:
  • Judicious use of land, structural space and capacity
  • Fitting design and implementation to meet local, state and federal compliance regulations
  • Outlining in detailed specifications work to be provided
  • Timely project completion of various planning, design and implementation
  • Maintaining budgetary constraints as proposed by clients and agreed upon by the structural engineering firm
  • Selection of management for project oversight
  • Choosing vendors and suppliers that meet proposed budgetary estimates
Once a project for structural engineering is offered to a firm, it is reviewed and discussed with staff. Structural engineering projects, like most other types of engineering projects, are set into a timeline that includes:
  • Start up proposal
  • Project cost estimating
  • Appropriations
  • Design
  • Where applicable, installation
Benefits of a Highly Skilled Structural Engineering Firm
One benefit of choosing a highly-skilled, top structural engineering firm is that clients have professional consultants at their fingertips.
Should questions arise regarding a proposed project, clients can place full confidence in consultations with their chosen firm.
In terms of professional consultations, a hallmark of a leader in structural engineering firms is the ability to advise and innovate should an unforeseen situation arises.
This often occurs in existing industrial facilities that require upgrades and remodeling to current local and municipal standards.
For example, structural engineers use hi-tech equipment to capture an industrial facility’s interior and exterior structural composition. This includes various types of industrial facility equipment that may need to be relocated or it may be exposed ductwork systems that will be removed and replaced.
Alterations, Upgrades, and Renovations
In today’s large retail malls, actual property space may be limited due to the need for additional customer parking. In this situation, structural engineers advise building up, rather than out to facilitate additional commercial space for retail, office, and storage. Picture the Los Angeles skyline – there is a reason there are so many buildings of various heights!
In urban areas, local municipalities request the use of new structural engineering designs for existing, vacant buildings to give a blighted area new life in a variety of upgrades. These may fit into several structure types that include:
  • Frame
  • Suspended
  • Arch
  • Shell
  • Mass
Professional structural engineers are trained to use these various types of structures to best advantage for clients’ projects. This is why so many of today’s commercial and industrial buildings, bridges, municipal facilities, libraries, schools, and universities rely on structural designs to make a statement of more modern appearance.
Innovative Structural Designs in Portland, Oregon
In addition to being the largest city in the state of Oregon, Portland takes pride in keeping city buildings up-to-date while it maintains its love of the “natural” Oregon look.
One example of this is the Avamere Assisted Living facilities. The structural engineering design captures immediate attention and attracts prospective residents and patients requiring care.
The natural look of wood throughout projects showcases this region’s desire to project a natural appeal to the public. These facilities are a fine example of the frame type buildings accentuated with multi-story design.
Avamere facilities are an example of Lewis and Van Vleet Structural Engineering firm’s dedication to innovation and modern design.
Structural Engineers Meet a Variety of Needs
Professional structural engineers have extensive experience in various other types of buildings. These may include artistically structured museums, ultra-modern movie theaters, open-air concert stadiums and band shells to sports field houses and bleachers.
Other structural projects may include municipal utilities such as waste management and water treatment facilities or Municipal public park facilities, garages and animal shelters.
When Portland businesses find an advantageous property for office space, they want the office building to add value to the property. This shows the importance of selecting the top structural engineering firm in Oregon with the most recognized reputation for design excellence and structural innovation – Lewis and Van Vleet.
In a large city like Portland, space can be limited. However, creative structures that attract the public eye need not be compromised by lack of space. By building upward with unique structural styles, it is possible to provide spatial depth and volume. This is one reason Lewis and Van Vleet are proud to be serving Portland and surrounding areas throughout the pacific northwest.

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For more than two decades, our team at Lewis and Van Vleet has strived to provide structural engineering and consulting in Portland Oregon resulting in complete satisfaction from our customers.
The diversity of projects Lewis and Van Vleet has successfully completed in over two decades is evidence of our solid commitment to providing our clients with the assurance that their projects, as proposed, meet their demands.
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