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Structural Engineering

When You Need a Structural Engineer

Every house has a design and style that catches attention. This is true whether the house is located within a residential complex or a private property. You need a residential structural engineer for several reasons, including house design and style:

  • Structural Demolition
  • Structural Dismantling
  • Storm and seismological damage
  • Structural restoration
  • Residential restorations and preservation of historic structures

Residential Engineering Designs

In today’s busy world, the style of homes, condos, apartments and assisted living facilities require interior and exterior designs that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also provide comfort and convenience. 

Professional engineers are skilled in the art of residential styles that go from engineering specifications to detailed design drawings that become the magnificent structures we see in the Portland, Oregon region. 

Types of Residential Styles

In the Portland area, styles of residences vary and are quite diverse. These styles include:

  • Tudor
  • Craftsman
  • Cape Cod
  • Bungalow
  • Old Portland Foursquare
  • Ranch
  • Mid Century Modern
  • Townhouse styled homes
  • Tudor styled condos
  • Mid Century Modern apartment buildings

A professional structural engineering firm maintains a staff of engineers who specialize in the discipline of residential projects. Many firms consult with architects for their knowledge of design. However, they design for strength, durability and safety. 

It is important to know the design differences between architects and engineers, should a residential project for a municipality as large as Portland arise. 

Safety First a Priority:

Generally, engineers work with the Oregon Department of Geology when a question arises regarding residential projects with regard to land elevation and/or other topographical anomalies. 

This is part of safety responsibilities that engineers take very seriously before they begin structural work in the Portland region. Their designs ensure safe residences that can withstand potential crustal earthquakes. 

The Cascadia Fault lies in the Pacific Northwest. Fortunately, these movements of the earth’s crust in this region of the country are generally shallow in nature. However, they are always mindful of the potential for damage to residences. 

Often, residential walls and foundation suffer cracks and minor damage that require the assistance of a professional firm with skills and training in seismological and storm damage as well as restoration for safety and durability. Designing for restorations to ensure safety and durability is crucial in multi-family dwellings in large cities like Portland. 

Compliance Regulations for Residential Structures

When you are searching for a professional firm for a building that has suffered structural damage, it’s important that the firm you choose is compliant with federal, state and International Code Council on building safety, occupancy and fire regulations.

This is usually part of engineers’ education and training and provides clients with the assurance that designs meet all code and compliance regulations. 

Hi Tech Design

Engineers understand how to “plot” designs using computer aided design (CAD) software. This type of software is one of the most valuable tools used by them. CAD is used to layout full design criteria complete with structural notes in a “legend” found at the bottom of each CAD drawing. 

Engineering Symbols of Importance

Engineers rely on various engineering design symbols on each drawing to communicate to fabricators, construction managers and staff significant design features. This is an indication of the high level of knowledge they possess.

For example, a drawing might include a symbol that looks like a cloud. This is known as a CRC (Current Revision Cloud). There are other symbols on these drawings for steel beams, axial drag connections and a triangular symbol indicating drawing revision number to name just a few. 

While these symbols are well known, construction managers and builders, the general public may only notice them on final drawings of the residential structure to be built. 

Key Features To Look For In Hiring An Expert

When there is a proposed residential project that requires an engineering firm, the simplest way to make a decision is to view the firm’s prior work. 

In the Portland region, one firm stands out among its competitors for design excellence and attention to detail. Lewis and Van Vleet’s impeccable work can be seen in several multi-state areas such as Arizona, Washington and several areas in Oregon.

The Growth of Expertise in a Firm

One other factor to consider when searching for an engineering firm is business growth potential. 

A continually growing clientele is a factor that keeps the expert staff at Lewis and Van Vleet Structural Engineers in the ranks of Oregon’s most trusted structural engineering firm. With a proven track record of maintaining state-of-the-art engineering practices, Lewis and Van Vleet is the firm land developers, builders and construction officials in the Portland rely on most. 

Engineering Achievements

For residents of the Portland area, take note of Bayberry Village Rowhomes, Ivanhoe Apartments and Cathedral Flats housing and multi-family residences to name just a few. 

All of these Lewis and Van Vleet projects are outstanding and enhance the beauty of each area where they are located. 

Lewis and Van Vleet has provided the Portland region with today’s stylish residential housing that never fails to capture attention from the public. The excellent work of Lewis and Van Vleet projects strength, durability, comfort and convenience, all of the things most desired by the people of Portland, Oregon. 

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